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This step-by-step training course will teach you how to create high converting TikTok Marketing campaigns to boost leads, sales and profits.

TikTok Marketing has become one of the best techniques for marketers to make the most from their advertising efforts. Not only does it give you more opportunities to enhance your credibility, but you can easily stay on top of minds of your targeted audience on a long-term basis.TikTok marketing is the hidden key to reach out instantly to widely scattered customers & boost ROI in a convenient manner. Drive laser targeted traffic to your offers. Increase the level of engagement with your audience. Get more exposure for your offers. Measure success of your TikTok marketing campaigns. Get best results in a cost-effective manner.

-TikTok has 500 million active users worldwide.
-It was the third most downloaded app in teh first quarter (Q1) of 2019, with 188 million new users.
-Users spend an average of 52 minutes per day on the app
-90% of all TikTok users access the app on a daily basis

TikTok seems to be getting BIGGER AND BIGGER, so to the opportunity to reach potential customers & promote your offers to increase sales & profits.

TikTok Marketing Made Easy Training Course

This step-by-step training course will take you by the hand and teach you how to create high converting TikTok Marketing campaigns to boost leads, sales and profits.

With its proper use, you can learn easily increase reach by cross promoting your TikTok content on other social platforms.And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, You’ll discover advanced TikTok Marketing Tips and Tricks to boost sales and profits.


Course Curriculum

Introduction Video 00:02:40
Video 1 – What Is TikTok all about? 00:04:54
Video 2 – Signing Up For TikTok 00:03:30
Video 3 – TikTok Walkthrough 00:05:37
Video 4 – Switching Your TikTok Personal Account Into a TikTok Pro Account 00:03:17
Video 5 – Branding Your TikTok Profile For Business 00:04:09
Video 6 – Creating Your First TikTok Video 00:06:02
Video 7 – Using “Discover” as a Powerful Marketing Tool 00:04:44
Video 8 – Creating A Hashtag Challenge 00:03:37
Video 9 – Increasing Reach By Cross Promoting Your TikTok Content On Other Social Platforms 00:03:43
Video 10 – How Businesses Use TikTok In the Real World 00:03:37
Video 11 – TikTok Web 00:04:42
Video 12 – Tips For Setting Up A Profitable Influencer Marketing Campaign For TikTok 00:03:40
Video 13 – Best TikTok Video Ideas To Boost Your Brand 00:04:20
Video 14 – Encouraging TikTok Users To Generate Content For Your Brand 00:04:57
Video 15 – Running A Contest or Sweepstakes On TikTok The Right Way 00:06:30
Video 16 – Best TikTok Marketing Strategies To Increase Followers 00:04:26
Video 17 – TikTok Marketing Do’s And Don’ts 00:05:26
Video 18 – TikTok Marketing Premium Tools And Services To Consider 00:05:05
Video 19 – TikTok Marketing Success Stories 00:07:15
Video 20 – TikTok Marketing Frequently Asked Questions 00:07:01

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